Godson Charity Tz Happines and Children means

Climb for Charity

Climb the Kilimanjaro with while impacting life of a child living in a marginalized vulnerable environment. We have targeted children to whom part your climbing fees is going to support.

Sponsor a child

You may choose among the profiles of children and sponsor the child you are more touched with!


Take an active role in improving lives through one of our program.

Climb for charity

Climb for charity gives you an opportunity as a climber/traveler to add value to you experience by donating part of your climbing fee to a child living in vulnerable/poor environment. Godson Charity is not an orphanage center. Instead we spot children living in poor/vulnerable environment analyze their needs from where they are and directly seek for help. When you climb the Kilimanjaro with us part of the fee paid is donated to the children, either shall you need to see the children before or after the climb we can organize for you to do that. Either, our team is as well open to other kinds of support you can give us. We have gathered together the profiles for the children we are helping with the specific needs per child. These children dwell on the foot of the Kilimanjaro and come from marginalized families. We as the Godson Charity team continously work to update their profiles. By climbing the Kilimanjaro with us you are actually directly helping to put a child to school, food in their stomachs and their dreams to reality. We hope that you will find valuable to Climb the Kilimanjaro with us.

Add value to
your experience
for charity
Help Children in
poverty by climbing
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A child

Godson Charity Events

Summer For Kids.

21st September, 2019


Climb for charity.

This Summer

Climb the Kilimanjaro while leaving some of the money going to children living in poor environment.


Kids Festival.

1st January, 2020

To celebrate new year we will be with our kids.


Fundraiser for kids

Fundraiser for kids

Fundraising Goals | 2019

This year we have made a goal to raise 10,000usd. This amount will help improve the lives of more than 50 kids.


Raised: 3,500usd

Goal: 10,000usd

Our Volunteer Programs

Health Project
From 3 Weeks Duration

From 4 Weeks

Orphanage Center
From 1 week

From 4 Weeks

Let's talk career
From 3 Weeks

From 2 Weeks

Fun Games
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Six Weeks